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Traits that a Good Teacher Should Have It is important to know various aspects of the teaching profession if you would like to be a teacher. Teaching has its own challenges that you may not realize until you get into the industry. According to one of the studies released recently, over 40 percent of teachers quit the profession within the first five years. The main reason of them quitting is that they found the profession different from what they expected. Lack of enough free time and inadequate pay are some of the common reasons why teachers quit. Therefore, before enrolling to become a teacher, it is advisable to do your research to know what to expect. As a teacher, you will have to wear many hats a time. If teaching is not in you, being a teacher will be a frustrating career. Apart from simply imparting class knowledge to students, you may have to deal with their persona and social issues. You may also have to talk with parents regularly and recommend actions that will help their kids grow intellectually and build good habits. You may also find the teaching profession quite frustrating. For example, you may be required to sacrifice personal time regularly to attend to school matters. Working till late in the night due to non-teaching matters such as meetings and committees is a norm with many teachers. If you want to have a successful teaching career, you should be prepared to deal with the realities of the profession. One of the ways to prepare is by choosing the right teaching program. After completing the teaching programs, you will be confident of imparting class knowledge to your pupils. Other skills you will learn that are usually required of teachers include being a disciplinarian, counselor, role model and guardian of your students.
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However, having all these skills does not mean you will be a good teacher. You have to work on developing yourself to be more satisfied with your career and impact the students as a good teacher. As a teacher, there are a number of traits you should have. Humor is one of the traits that will make you a successful teacher.
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Why You Should Have a Sense of Humor Having a good sense of humor is one of the traits that successful teachers have. While teaching, these teachers usually use a sense of humor. Good teachers have a sense of humor for various reasons. To begin, most students learn important concepts in a relaxed setting. When you use humor, your students are likely to understand the lessons you are teaching. The teaching profession can be challenging for anyone. You can become a great teacher when you have the right attitude and skills.